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Dark Fire: Scroll 2 ~ Reviews


  • “The story is reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The intense and brutal opening of this story grips and compels the reader to keep turning pages. The characters in the Feyree realm and that of the Fire Daemons are well drawn. Each realm has its own prophecy, and these two seem to be diametrically opposed to each other. So, which prophecy is to be believed? This is a suspense filled action-adventure novel set in a fantasy world. The story is reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The plot twists and turns, not to mention that the magic, treachery, dreams, visions, bonds of intense love and loyalty of the main characters, and heinous betrayal leave the reader breathless.” - Eric Hoffer Book Award – Legacy Fiction (


  • “An enthralling book that is truly unique and difficult to put down.  Dark Fire lives up to the tremendous standards that Newcorn set with her groundbreaking first book, Crossover. While many novelists often fall victim to the “sophomore curse,” Newcorn has clearly only gotten better, creating another modern day masterpiece with the same suspense and complexity as Tolkien’s legendary Lord of the Rings. Intricate plot, unparalleled detail, and superb characterization are expertly woven into a riveting tale of danger and betrayal. Newcorn perfects her recipe with an infusion of action and humor, creating an enthralling book that is truly unique and difficult to put down. Perhaps Newcorn’s greatest strength is her ability to conjure up characters who are so real and so full of depth that they practically jump off the page. I can’t begin to recommend Dark Fire enough. It now has a permanent place on my bookshelf next to The Hobbit.” - Nick Pena, Editor, Chart Publishing


  • “Dark Fire thrusts the reader right into the action, and it doesn’t really stop, for even as you close the book after the last page, your mind keeps spurring the story on. In the tradition of second acts of a trilogy, Dark Fire isn’t afraid to go to some dark places. Told as a multiple narrative, Dark Fire shifts primarily between Danai and Pook, but the story is also told as needed through the aid of their Dwarf and Elf friends. The language and the detailed descriptions greatly add to the novel’s tone, creating a very real sort of land, and very real sort of peoples. Newcorn spares no expense by way of her considerable imagination, and if you follow her lead, she will take you on quite a journey. I admit I couldn’t put it down. Part adventure, part coming-of-age, part allegory, Dark Fire is an exciting read and a fascinating journey. This reader is greatly looking forward to the final book.” - Mariam George, Faerie Magazine


  • “A wonderful and entertaining read. Dark Fire is an entertaining story which takes two separate prophecies, two separate dimensions and weaves them seamlessly together into one book which is difficult to set down. The crux of this tale is that when the inhabitants of each dimension believe so strongly in their own prophecy which one of them is to be believed? I found Dark Fire to be a wonderful and entertaining read. I can honestly say that I am also anxiously awaiting the publication of Newcorn’s final book in this series. I found her story line to be compelling and I felt the characters were well thought out and easy to relate to. Newcorn writes with sincere attention to detail but not so much so as to cause boredom by over description. I believe anyone who enjoys reading fantasy or who just enjoys an afternoon or evening spent on the couch with a good book will not be disappointed should they pick this one up to read. I feel that The Chronicles of Feyree trilogy would make a great addition to anyone’s library and that they belong there right next to other great series like Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien or Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.”  - Charline Ratcliff, RebeccasReads (


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