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About the Author

Claudia Newcorn has lived around the world, and from childhood, spent time exploring castles, Roman ruins, the Black Forest, and numerous other places of legend and history. With little TV available, she became a rabid reader, devouring books on any topic, in particular fairy tales, legends, and myths - with a liberal seasoning of science, history, and the classics.


Her passion for writing started early in life. Today she has won awards for her poetry and books, and is a professional freelance writer. In addition to the award-winning and best-selling books of the fantasy fiction trilogy The Chronicles of Feyree, she has an award-winning best-selling business book, Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits


Claudia graduated from Wellesley College, and  later earned an MBA from Northeastern University. After working in corporate, Claudia subsequently launched her own business consulting firm, Acorn Enterprises (  

Her published short stories include “A Cat’s Gift of Faith" in Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul, and “The Christmas Tree Nobody Wanted”.

An professional public speaker, she is available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics ranging from "Tactile Perspectives: how to bring texture to your writing" to "The Discipline of Writing: overcoming writer's block, chocolate and housework to get your book written."


Claudia lives in California. She collects antique fairy tale books, attempts to garden (she likes to say she has a "black thumb" and plants flee at the sight of her), takes courses in holistic wellness, and is passionate about biking, hiking, animals, and the environment.


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