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Firestar: Scroll 3

What choice will you make if saving your realm demands you sacrifice yourself?


WINNER: Written Art Awards, Reviewers Choice Award

Royal Dragonfly Award for Sci Fi/Fantasy


  • “A modern day masterpiece… From the first page, Firestar sweeps you into the story, and it never stops. Impossible to put down, Firestar is an extraordinary adventure and a modern day masterpiece, one that will stay with you long after you close the book.” – Kim Cross, Faerie Magazine

  • Firestar is by far one of the best books of the year… As complex and enthralling at J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Newcorn’s expertly-woven final installment in the trilogy is a gripping and emotionally-charged tale of sacrifice and war, friendship and betrayal. An unforgettable and poignant journey, Firestar is by far one of the best books of the year, making this trilogy a true masterpiece.” – Nick Pena, President, Transylvania Records & Publishing


The stunning and splendid conclusion to this award-winning epic trilogy! A gripping and unpredictable adventure of war, magic, treachery, and ultimate sacrifice that will entangle the realms of Lampion and Nonetre as two ancient prophesies force feyree, elves, dwarves and daemiani into a battle of beliefs in which only one realm will survive.


Goaded by his scheming high councilor Eshel, the Firelord Tvashtar Tizon breaks treaty to invade Lampion in winter’s heart. But Warlord Toron and the Lady of Feyree refuse to concede defeat and desperately rally their folk to resist, even as devastating battles threaten to extinguish all hope. Danai, Joson and Damon must choose between friendship, treachery and sacrifice, as they struggle to prevent their former friend and his warrior daemiani from conquering Feyree, choices that will shatter everything they believe in. And even the Lady of the Lake and the dragon’s tears may not be enough to determine who at last will wear the Lord of Feyree’s crown…


Book excerpt

“I will deal with the dragon as we deal with any that challenge us! Are we not fire daemiani? Am I not the Firelord? Blow the battle call!” About him, he heard cries of ‘feyree magic’, knew doubt was spreading. They would not win! Fire would overcome. As it always had. Always would. He sucked deeply, dark embered eyes blazing into infernos, flames crackling about him in a fiery vortex as he grew even taller than his warriors. “Fear not the dragon! For he fights with fire even as we do. Surely my great warriors that I have always believed none can defeat are not afraid of a mere dragon?” The heavy beat of wings boomed overhead. With a deafening roar, Kyllgohr was upon them, so close, Tizon could see the whirling eyes and stretching claws. No. Only one paw. The other was curled about…"

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