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Crossover: Scroll 1

How do you convince an ice dragon to give you a tear to help you earn your wings… when he's been ordered to destroy you?


WINNER of the Reviewers Choice Award for Sci Fi/Fantasy


  • Faerie Magazine gives Crossover two thumbs up... "Memorable fantasy features a dangerous fairy quest and a world changing prophecy..."

  • Writer’s Digest calls Crossover “a magnificent journey… vivid and colorful….”

  • "A modern day Lord of the Rings..." - N. Pena, Chart Magazines


Claudia Newcorn’s breakout novel Crossover: Chronicles of Feyree: Scroll 1 is the first book in an award-winning trilogy about fairies on a quest for their wings, unknowingly at the center of a forgotten prophecy that will change two realms forever.


In the best traditions of epic fantasy, suspense, adventure and the immortal quest, Crossover has received five-star reviews from readers of all ages. The story skillfully weaves an unexpectedly contemporary and complex saga where fairies struggle through nine increasingly dangerous rites to earn their wings,  even as the shadows of a forgotten prophecy gather to change their world.


Crossover follows the Danai, Pook and their friends as they confront the rites, their own fears and beliefs, and archaic traditions in their quest for their wings. Ice dragons, fire demons, and their highest Loremaster stand in their way. Elves, dwarves and dragons prove to be more than just myths. From the whip-crack of the Hunted Rite, to a terrifying night among the murderous Bog Wraiths, to the impossible quest set upon them by the Dolmen, and the final gut-wrenching Rite of Krisálys, the young feyree are determined to succeed – or die trying.


Book Excerpt
“Eshel’s rasping voice cried out. “A prophecy this day has come true. One has come to us from Lampion, a realm rich in those things that Nonetre deserves. He has chosen to embrace our realm, and lead us down new paths of enlightenment, challenge our old way of doing things, make us leader among realms, even daementions. Give all hail to Tvashtar Tizon, anointed firelord of Nonetre!” The air quivered under the onslaught of fire daemons’ shrieks of gladness. Beside Eshel appeared a tall, glowing figure. Hidden in the shadows, Danaí stifled her dismay. It was …”


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